ExtoPay making day-to-day crypto currency payments a reality. 

Off-network store of value and trusted transactions over Bluetooth 

Multi-factor authentication and tamper resistance to store local immutable ledgers
Compact and easy user interfaces,  Recovery servies for lost cards
Instant crypto payments anywhere! Trusted Edge Network and DLT enable off-grid transactions over BLE

Secure Elements, biometrics and a tamper resistant design assures that local ledgers and transaction data are kept immutable and not subject to double spend attacks. 

Capacitive touch input and E-ink display options secure user inputs while leading to unprecedented ease of use and interactivity 

Using Ethernom's Biometric Card Platform, Trusted Edge Networking, and DLT System, to enable off-grid crypto payments,The DLT backend is optional but provides authenticity and lost value recovery services. 

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